Brand awareness

Customizing our unique products, makes sure your brand is in sight everyday and will be talked about! Our products can be used for all types of occasions and will ensure a conversation with the recipient.


Our webcamcover and USB-Padlock can be customized in every way imaginable using UV digital print. The large full color printing area of both products will maximize your companies visibility.

High Quality

We print and package our products in The Netherlands, ensuring high quality every time! Furthermore, they have a social added value, being packaged in a social work facility.


Last years have shown that organizations and people all over the world are infiltrating our webcams, taking pictures without our notice. Covering your webcam is essential to stay protected! Our WebcamCover is made out of a dense high quality ABS plastic, guaranteeing your privacy when the WebcamCover is shut. The Webcam Cover has a specific type of double adhesive tape on the back from 3M. This tape doesn’t leave any residue and makes sure your WebcamCover will never fall off.

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USB Padlock

The USB-Padlock is the first product that combines an actual padlock with an USB drive. Using the USB drive, and the data stored on it, is only possible when the padlock is opened with a key. Our USB-Padlock is thin enough to be used on every laptop out there, yet light enough to not damage your usb bus when it’s being used. The padlock comes with a 4 pin security system and two keys to release the shackle. Our USB-Padlocks have a cycle of 1250 unique key/padlock combinations, making it nearly impossible to find two the same.

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The process

1. Download PDF

2. Customize Your Design

3. Send Us The Design

4. We Produce And Deliver Your Product


Our products have been used for all types of events by our clients and resellers, resulting in really positive feedback. The re-order rate is close to 90% and we do all we can to ensure your, or your customers, satisfaction.

We hope we can be a part in your road to promotional succes!

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